Latest South Dakota Gaming News
8/22/2011SDCheyenne River Sioux Tribe seeks own casino (The Daily Republic)
10/17/2010SDDeadwood casino patrons split on effect of smoking ban (Rapid City Journal)
6/19/2009SDCustomers tackle would-be casino robber (
12/10/2007SDGaming commission to rule on Deadwood casino (Rapid City Journal)
2/18/2007SDTribe face hurdles in expanding gambling (Rapid City Journal)
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Hotel-casinos in South Dakota

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featured listings

Royal River Casino & Hotel

 Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Royal River Casino & Hotel  top information page about Royal River Casino & Hotel Twitter link
has slots
607 South Veterans Street
Flandreau, SD 57028
(800) 833-8666 

alphabetical listings

212 Casino

   tabbed details about 212 Casino  top information page about 212 Casino
Local: (605) 886-8171 

Aces & Eights Casino

   tabbed details about Aces & Eights Casino  top information page about Aces & Eights Casino
Belle Fourche
Local: (605) 892-2888 

Aces Casino

   tabbed details about Aces Casino  top information page about Aces Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 373-0882 

B P Casino

   tabbed details about B P Casino  top information page about B P Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 343-7479 

Black Diamond Casino

   tabbed details about Black Diamond Casino  top information page about Black Diamond Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 362-1044 

Blind Casino

   tabbed details about Blind Casino  top information page about Blind Casino
Local: (605) 224-8281 

Blue Moon Casino

   tabbed details about Blue Moon Casino  top information page about Blue Moon Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 331-5684 

Boxcars Casino

   tabbed details about Boxcars Casino  top information page about Boxcars Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 334-7388 

Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort

   tabbed details about Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort  top information page about Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort  has slots
Local: (605) 578-1500 

Canyon Lake Pub & Casino

   tabbed details about Canyon Lake Pub & Casino  top information page about Canyon Lake Pub & Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 348-5740 

Carousel Casino

   tabbed details about Carousel Casino  top information page about Carousel Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 341-4606 

Cash Inn Again

   tabbed details about Cash Inn Again  top information page about Cash Inn Again
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 334-5860 

Celebrity Hotel & Casino

   tabbed details about Celebrity Hotel & Casino  top information page about Celebrity Hotel & Casino
Local: (605) 578-1909 

Chicago Street Casino

   tabbed details about Chicago Street Casino  top information page about Chicago Street Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-0315 

Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino

   tabbed details about Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino  top information page about Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino
local: (605) 578-7550 
toll-free: (800) 961-3096 

Connections Cafe & Pub II

   tabbed details about Connections Cafe & Pub II  top information page about Connections Cafe & Pub II
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 334-0937 

Crown Casino East

   tabbed details about Crown Casino East  top information page about Crown Casino East
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 977-0805 

Dakota Red

   tabbed details about Dakota Red  top information page about Dakota Red
North Sioux City
Local: (605) 232-3051 

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel

  Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel  top information page about Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel  has slots
local: (605) 882-2051 
toll-free: (800) 658-4717 

Deadwood Gulch Resort

   tabbed details about Deadwood Gulch Resort  top information page about Deadwood Gulch Resort  has slots
local: (605) 578-1294 
toll-free: (800) 695-1876 

Dean O's Casino

   tabbed details about Dean Os Casino  top information page about Dean Os Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 388-0149 

Deuces Casino

   tabbed details about Deuces Casino  top information page about Deuces Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 338-3773 

Diamond Dan's Casino

   tabbed details about Diamond Dans Casino  top information page about Diamond Dans Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 782-4661 

Dollar Bill's Casino

   tabbed details about Dollar Bills Casino  top information page about Dollar Bills Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 336-3250 

Double Play Casino and Sports

   tabbed details about Double Play Casino and Sports  top information page about Double Play Casino and Sports
Local: (605) 224-7529 

Downtown Casino

   tabbed details about Downtown Casino  top information page about Downtown Casino
Local: (605) 644-0081 

East North Casino

   tabbed details about East North Casino  top information page about East North Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 341-3861 

Eighth Street Lounge

   tabbed details about Eighth Street Lounge  top information page about Eighth Street Lounge
Rapid City
Local: (605) 341-5572 

Empire Casino

   tabbed details about Empire Casino  top information page about Empire Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 362-0148 

Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino

   tabbed details about Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino  top information page about Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino
Local: (605) 578-2205 

Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn

   tabbed details about Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn  top information page about Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn
Local: (605) 578-2241 

Gold Country Inn

   tabbed details about Gold Country Inn  top information page about Gold Country Inn
Local: (605) 578-2393 

Goldberg's Casino

   tabbed details about Goldbergs Casino  top information page about Goldbergs Casino
Local: (605) 578-1515 

Golden Aces Casino

   tabbed details about Golden Aces Casino  top information page about Golden Aces Casino
Local: (605) 225-7208 

Golden Buffalo Casino and Resort

  Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Golden Buffalo Casino and Resort  top information page about Golden Buffalo Casino and Resort  has slots
Lower Brule
Local: (605) 473-5577 

Golden Isle Casinos

   tabbed details about Golden Isle Casinos  top information page about Golden Isle Casinos
Local: (605) 224-8877 

Grand Casino

   tabbed details about Grand Casino  top information page about Grand Casino
Local: (605) 352-9759 

Grand Casino

   tabbed details about Grand Casino  top information page about Grand Casino
Local: (605) 882-3572 

Grand Casinos

   tabbed details about Grand Casinos  top information page about Grand Casinos
Local: (605) 945-0436 

Grand River Casino & Resort

  Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Grand River Casino & Resort  top information page about Grand River Casino & Resort
Local: (605) 845-7104 

Grande Casino

   tabbed details about Grande Casino  top information page about Grande Casino
Local: (605) 226-0737 

Haines Avenue Casino

   tabbed details about Haines Avenue Casino  top information page about Haines Avenue Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 343-5663 

Happy Jack

   tabbed details about Happy Jack  top information page about Happy Jack
Local: (605) 886-2699 

Happy Jack's

   tabbed details about Happy Jacks  top information page about Happy Jacks
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-6365 

Happy Jack's Campbell

   tabbed details about Happy Jacks Campbell  top information page about Happy Jacks Campbell
Rapid City
Local: (605) 341-9620 

Happy Jack's Spearfish

   tabbed details about Happy Jacks Spearfish  top information page about Happy Jacks Spearfish
Local: (605) 642-8236 

Hickok's Iron Horse Inn

   tabbed details about Hickoks Iron Horse Inn  top information page about Hickoks Iron Horse Inn
Local: (605) 578-7700 

Hideaway Casino

   tabbed details about Hideaway Casino  top information page about Hideaway Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-5903 

Hot Spot Casino

   tabbed details about Hot Spot Casino  top information page about Hot Spot Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 348-2663 

Jackpot Casino East

   tabbed details about Jackpot Casino East  top information page about Jackpot Casino East
Rapid City
Local: (605) 388-9169 

Jackpot Casino North

   tabbed details about Jackpot Casino North  top information page about Jackpot Casino North
Rapid City
Local: (605) 399-1577 

Jackpot Casino West

   tabbed details about Jackpot Casino West  top information page about Jackpot Casino West
Rapid City
Local: (605) 399-2927 

Jokers Casino South

   tabbed details about Jokers Casino South  top information page about Jokers Casino South
Rapid City
Local: (605) 343-8332 


   tabbed details about Kittens  top information page about Kittens
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-2358 

La Fayette Casino

   tabbed details about La Fayette Casino  top information page about La Fayette Casino
Local: (605) 226-8080 

Lacrosse II Casino

   tabbed details about Lacrosse II Casino  top information page about Lacrosse II Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 343-1056 

Lucky Dollars

   tabbed details about Lucky Dollars  top information page about Lucky Dollars
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 332-4721 

Lucky Horsehoe Casino

   tabbed details about Lucky Horsehoe Casino  top information page about Lucky Horsehoe Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 339-0415 

Lucky Lady Casino

   tabbed details about Lucky Lady Casino  top information page about Lucky Lady Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 333-9985 

Main St Deadwood Gulch

   tabbed details about Main St Deadwood Gulch  top information page about Main St Deadwood Gulch
Local: (605) 578-1207 

Main Street Gap Casino

   tabbed details about Main Street Gap Casino  top information page about Main Street Gap Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-0008 

Martin Mason Hotel & Casino

   tabbed details about Martin Mason Hotel & Casino  top information page about Martin Mason Hotel & Casino  has slots
Local: (605) 722-3456 

McKenna's Gold

   tabbed details about McKennas Gold  top information page about McKennas Gold
Local: (605) 578-3207 

Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming

   tabbed details about Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming  top information page about Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming  has slots
Local: (605) 578-2036 

Mint Casino

   tabbed details about Mint Casino  top information page about Mint Casino
Local: (605) 882-3355 

The Mint Casino

   tabbed details about The Mint Casino  top information page about The Mint Casino
Local: (605) 578-1201 

Moccasins Creek Casino

   tabbed details about Moccasins Creek Casino  top information page about Moccasins Creek Casino
Local: (605) 225-1123 

Nu Robbinsdale Casino

   tabbed details about Nu Robbinsdale Casino  top information page about Nu Robbinsdale Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 342-3551 

Paradise Casino

   tabbed details about Paradise Casino  top information page about Paradise Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 336-6555 

Paradise East Casino

   tabbed details about Paradise East Casino  top information page about Paradise East Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 371-0414 


   tabbed details about Players  top information page about Players
Local: (605) 256-0502 

Players Club Casino

   tabbed details about Players Club Casino  top information page about Players Club Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 332-5007 

Prairie Wind Casino

  Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Prairie Wind Casino  top information page about Prairie Wind Casino
Pine Ridge
local: (605) 867-6300 
toll-free: (800) 705-9463 

Rain Forest Casino

   tabbed details about Rain Forest Casino  top information page about Rain Forest Casino
Local: (605) 725-2274 

Recovery Room

   tabbed details about Recovery Room  top information page about Recovery Room
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 338-4914 

Renos Casino

   tabbed details about Renos Casino  top information page about Renos Casino
Black Hawk
Local: (605) 787-5025 


   tabbed details about Roscoz  top information page about Roscoz
Local: (605) 720-7608 

Royal Casino

   tabbed details about Royal Casino  top information page about Royal Casino
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 332-9626 

Royal River Casino & Hotel

 Indian-Owned   tabbed details about Royal River Casino & Hotel  top information page about Royal River Casino & Hotel Twitter link
has slots
607 South Veterans Street

Flandreau, SD 57028
(800) 833-8666 

Rushmore Casino

   tabbed details about Rushmore Casino  top information page about Rushmore Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 348-7762 

Royal Flush On Cliff

   tabbed details about Royal Flush On Cliff  top information page about Royal Flush On Cliff
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 335-4793 

Shenanigans Casino

   tabbed details about Shenanigans Casino  top information page about Shenanigans Casino
Local: (605) 347-9608 

Shenanigans Casino

   tabbed details about Shenanigans Casino  top information page about Shenanigans Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 393-9841 

Side Hack Saloon

   tabbed details about Side Hack Saloon  top information page about Side Hack Saloon
Local: (605) 347-2828 

Toby's Casino

   tabbed details about Tobys Casino  top information page about Tobys Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 341-2295 

Uncle Sams West Main

   tabbed details about Uncle Sams West Main  top information page about Uncle Sams West Main
Rapid City
Local: (605) 399-2690 

V I P Gaming Lounge

   tabbed details about V I P Gaming Lounge  top information page about V I P Gaming Lounge
Sioux Falls
Local: (605) 335-7529 

VB's Hideaway Pub Topless Casino

   tabbed details about VBs Hideaway Pub Topless Casino  top information page about VBs Hideaway Pub Topless Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 343-3287 

West Main Square Casino

   tabbed details about West Main Square Casino  top information page about West Main Square Casino
Rapid City
Local: (605) 348-2900 

Wild Card Casino

   tabbed details about Wild Card Casino  top information page about Wild Card Casino
Local: (605) 262-2602 

Winners Circle Casino

   tabbed details about Winners Circle Casino  top information page about Winners Circle Casino
Local: (605) 882-3706 

In the Mt. Rushmore State, gambling is legal in many cities and on Indian reservations. The legal gambling age in South Dakota is 21 for casino gaming. Maximum allowable bets in South Dakota are $100.

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